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The Apples of My Mind

Hey. It's me. There's the blue. The celestial blue of what we call outer space but might as well call inner space because they lead to the same place, do they not?

The apples are good this year. Here's an excerpt from the book I'm working on called Wishbone. The apples of my mind, so to speak.

Reconciliation or Not (excerpt from a work in progress)
The irises were emerging from the fringes of the garden. A late frost had not damaged them, but it had spread a white rim of melting glass on the field. Kaosky scraped the windows, got into the car and started it. He was going to church on his own. The girls no longer were willing to go along with the charade of believing, although he had tried to use Pope Francis as a call to renewed mission among the lost, claiming that there was hope for female clergy some day. But no, they didn’t buy that one bit, and Jonah understandably had seen no sense, starting in Sunday school, of the show of piety that was put on every week in the …

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