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Birdman - Escape from America

With all the stress everyone is under at this time of year, I thought I'd run a sample of the first book I ever published, Birdman, about a man who escapes America for Ireland, on the run from the ghosts of the past. I'm thinking of doing an audiobook version for next year. There are lots of different accents.  Here it goes.
* Anyone interested in helping out with the audio version, get back to me  (a n t h o n y c a p l a n 1 @ g m a i l . c o m):

The countless ways of yearning, the winged and white-backed beasts, crossed the ocean behind Kagan, in hot pursuit. The Atlantic beat against the cliffs of this present citadel, laying siege to his dreams. The light of day gave a nightmarish aspect to the misted fields, the silent cobbled street with its electric cables sagging and shrieking in the wind, the three public houses, the post office in requisite green, the shop and the sharp hairpin up the hill. Across the water in one direction lay Europe, in the other America. Goat Isl…

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