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Yet Today - Happy 2019!

You can help support the publication of an upcoming novel, Yet Today, coming out in spring of 2019, by going to the Yet Today page and subscribing for updates and preordering special autographed copies. Here's the blurb on Yet Today:

Bittersweet and tragicomic, Yet Today is a sharply observed homage to the travails of married life and a testament to the extraordinary quality of every day. Gillum Kaosky has been married for twenty odd years and has three children with his wife Sibyl. They have raised their family on what was a former dairy farm in central New Hampshire. Kaosky works as a Spanish teacher, but this summer has decided to explore career options as a translator for the Drug Enforcement Agency. Wire-tapping the Dominican drug smuggling rings of Lawrence, Massachusetts, Kaosky's job leads him to question his role in breaking up scared families trying to live a version of the American dream. Kaosky's mother Elvira, a heavy drinking bridge player, lives with her dog W…

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